Snapchat (one) Facebook (Zero).. the application of “LOL” goal difference

The company has suspended Facebook Facebook application project LOL The his for teenagers, due to its focus on the development of the application of the “Messenger Kids” Messenger Kids of his age group under 12 years, which gives children a way to chat with the individual and family, after parental consent.

There are leaks confirm that the main reason stop Facebook from Application Development watch the video funny LOL, before it was released, which allows the participation of users film videos short like الـGIF categories include has and dumps, is a snap teens to other apps including Snapchat and Tok TikTok, being age-appropriate and special entertainment, making the Facebook withdraw and focus on the application of its new “Messenger Kids”, which announced the development in late 2017.

And I Facebook during the launch of the application “Messenger Kids” Messenger Kids to so many accusations by defenders of the rights of the child, because it steals time and gives them health problems.

And the conflict between Snapchat and Facebook before, after Facebook stole a lot of features of Snapchat, refused to co-founder of Snapchat app selling Facebook for a Million Dollars years ago.

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