Snapchat recognize the failure of its current system to work

سناب شات تعترف بفشل نظامها الحالي للتحقق من العمر

The Snapchat before the period of the development of a new system to check the age of registered users and new customers to ensure fit to work with the legal age of the users according to the new laws that have been developed, where it is expected that the user is 13 years or more of being content is not commensurate with at least a lifetime.

But in a hearing in front of the British parliament, said Stephen Collins, director of the Snapchat relations and international politics that his company didn’t achieve the desired of the system that put him, he also talked about difficult to keep children under the age of 13, fully for anyone working in this area.

Apparently Snape didn’t give up on it, the hole talked about the company’s work on a new system of age but did not disclose any other details about it.

It is worth mentioning that the old order is not accompanied by documentation of a large, special and any person can enter the work you want in the box, date of birth and thus can break the context of the application easily.

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