Snapchat shut down its own payment service Snapcash

سناب شات تغلق خدمة الدفع الخاصة بها Snapcash

Confirmed snapchat company intention to close the electronic payment service on their application Snapcash on 30 August next after about 4 years of its launch, in partnership with Square to facilitate the payment process between the users and friends on the Messaging app.

The company had launched its service in 2014 in order to find solutions for users to send payments between them via the app or the joint and then make the payment for the services that they receive; such as payment for the restaurants, and so on. But it seems that the service did not find a significant influence between the users during the financial period.

And speaking of similar services, even though tend Snapcash, remain services, Venmo owned by PayPal is the most famous, as well as with the services of Zelle, and Square Cash, in addition to many other services available that I found snape’s difficult to rival.

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