Snapchat will begin to display short ads can’t overcome

Snapchat to begin ads short can’t skip it

Started application platform snapchat to provide advertisements short period of 6 seconds, can’t the user to exceed until after the expiration of the full, at the rate she’s forced to watch by the end.

Adverts will appear in the tab (the offerings) or (Shows) are short programs produced by major companies and media such as Disney and Viacom, and NBC Universal.

The application snapchat displays the ads since 2014, but it allows users to skip them if they are not interested in its contents.

Snapchat will begin to show ads short can’t skip it

He said some of the advertisers in snapchat that the average watch time for skippable ads less than two seconds.

Decided to add a new type of ad to meet the wishes of advertisers, why don’t you devote one of the money?

You can the Application, according to the last number drawn, approximately 191 million users on a monthly basis .

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