Snapdragon 675 outperform the Snapdragon 710 in the performance test

On the platform of the performance test AnTuTu, there has been a processor Snapdragon 675 as a result of higher than his rival in the category of medium Snapdragon 710.

Snapdragon 710 known as the most powerful Qualcomm’s processors allocated for the medium category, considered the architect of the 10 nano-meter, he scored 155 thousand points on behalf of the OBO RX17 Pro, while has been made Snapdragon 675 total 174 thousand points.

Exciting is not the processor, but is the user’s phone also, which is rumored to HiSense U30 by virtue of being the only advertiser using the processor, with a survival probability of less to be Moto P40 -who didn’t know yet, according to the rumors – is the user.

What may be due the possibility that the phone is HiSense U30, that the monitoring of the outcome of the approach of the OBO RX17 Pro on the platform of Geekbench.

While the uses Snapdragon 710 architecture more efficient in performance and consumption of architecture 11 Nm early Snapdragon 675, thanks in Nada last to use it nucleated update Kryo 460 which has increased the performance of the same nuclei by 20% from the version of the Kryo 360 is used in Snapdragon 710, according to Qualcomm.

Finally we should note that the power of processors is not necessarily a measure of the quality of the usage experience, where the experience of usage also on the ability of software to translate the power of the gear. Even if you are rewarded the performance of the Snapdragon 710 with Snapdragon 675, is expected to be the efficiency and rationalization of energy consumption in the Snapdragon 710 higher.

Source: GSMArena

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