Snapdragon 710 will provide the advantages of phones leading phones available


At the Mobile World Congress MWC this year revealed Qualcomm for a new category of processors called the class 700 will be providing some of the advantages that we normally see in flagship phones high price, in phones medium specifications cheaper.

Those advantages such as own emoji AR en Emoji, and details of emoji with face movements of the user such as Animoji even open the phone the imprint of the face on the way to the iPhone, not once taking a picture for the face.

The first processors of the new category called Snapdragon 710 will come with of your intelligence making a multi-nuclear as well as supports neural networks and image processing of potential we normally see in flagship phones high specifications.

To clarify, the class 700 will be the specifications and possibilities of the higher of the two categories of 400 and 600 which took control of the phones category available recently, but less than the 800 class that you remember flagship phones like the Snapdragon 845.

Will be manufactured Snapdragon 710 accurately 10 Nm and is capable of playing videos in 4K with the colors of the HDR as well as provide power consumption in Gaming Video by about 40% compared with the Snapdragon 660. And also supports the new processor fast shipping where fill 50% of battery in just 15 minutes.

This processor has been available to manufacturers for smartphones starting from today and you can soon see the new phones in the market operate.

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