Snapdragon X50 of the cam.. 5G technology early those in the article

سنابدراجون X50 من كواكوم.. تقنية 5G مبكرا وشاومي في المقدمة

Qualcomm has revealed a number of companies which will be using the modem Snapdragon X50 new that lets smart phones connect with 5G for the first time. The company revealed the number of names of large companies that will be the new season at their phones in 2019, among them the Shao my sub and Sony, and the worst and HTC and LG and Sumy and om de, sharp and other companies.

Include directly use the technique of the fifth generation early a number of the big names in the world of smartphones including the Lenovo sub share andZTE.

Modem Snapdragon X50 which according to Qualcomm is modem 5G the first in the world in which we know it’s the first modem 5G will come to us with the technology in the phones business, where top speed of 5 GB per second.

Supports chipset Snapdragon 835 وSnapdragon 845 the new season will also support its partner Qualcomm expected soon, based on the architecture 7 nm for the first time.

Phone 5G the world’s first phone will be Mi Mix 3, which will be about in the twenty-fifth of October as confirmed Shao my own access to the phone for this feature.

In addition to the support of the Fifth Army finally Mi Mix 3 will come also the memory of a random 10 GB by Shawty itself which has confirmed leaks that pointed to this detail about the phone before confirmation a few hours later.

It is expected that the phone offers a full screen just like the one provided by the phones Nex وOppo Find X through the mechanisms for the appearance of the camera and entry to phone a mechanical movement. And it is confirmed as this doesn’t seem to be in the same format as the previous phones it is clear that Shaw has a new creation completely.

The aim of the series Mi Mix from Shao from the beginning its to focus on to achieve full screen in any way where the company went to this idea by Oppo and Vivo.

New in it currently is the mechanisms of the camera which allows space-saving of up markets instead of putting the front facing camera in low as did Chao earlier which led to increase edge in the minimum in addition to camera capture the voice of Silva is not ordinary and at an angle strange.

Not to benefit much from the Technical, where it is not supported yet and probably take years until its support in the various Arab states.

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