Snape choose to feature will bring the capacity of the falsity of the deep to the applied

Application Snapchat began testing a feature that allows benefit from the technique of the fake deep bring more entertainment to the users.

سناب تختبر ميزة تجلب قدرات من الزيف العميق إلى تطبيقها

I began to snap in feature selection applied under the name of Cameo lets take advantage of the capabilities of a fake deep between users, so that the water provide animated images or short shots ready in its library and allows users to depict themselves to add their faces on the faces of the characters in the existing images or short clips.

The company seems to want to bring more fun to users on their application, so I decided to impart a similar feature at this time.

Confirmed Snape turn it to TechCrunch, shows that the company wants users to express their feelings in the best possible way, instead of sending a moving image is ready to their friends to express the psychological state of them or filming clips to show for it, it can be currently filming the users themselves and put their photos in ready-made images to express their psychological existence of their own, but the footage is ready.

The ability of the falsity of the deep of the latest revolution of technology in the recent period, but it caused problems deceive many in the last few months.

Which is what caused the criminalization of the use of such techniques in many countries including China, which has spread out so many apps for it.

But for the development of Snapchat, it’s different, because the whole thing is a snapshot of the amusement is ready and is being used by things of deception.



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