“Snape” is issued to the third generation of her glasses smart Spectacles.. what’s new?

The Company issued snap Snap Inc., The American Royal for the famous “snapchat” Snapchat, of the second generation of the system by the smart “spectacles” Spectacles, and sunglasses includes a camera built.

Made a “snap” features new third generation of her glasses, trying to overcome the observations of the users of the first generation of the car, including the large size and heavy weight of the system and the difficulty of transferring the video from the glasses to smart phones, and the inability of the glasses to capture images of fixed the economy at the video only, and the observations that led to more than 50% of those who bought the first generation of the car for use after just one month, according to one report.

In the second generation of “spectacles” Spectacles, has become the glasses lighter, became able camera take pictures also, as the glasses became water resistant, and no longer camera lenses embedded in the glasses surrounded by a circle of yellow that stand out and were looking at them.

Besides, the pod system less in size, and still the battery is the same performance almost, as enough to capture 70 video almost, and still shipped the glasses inside its case by placing it properly so that the fade points of contact in the holster, where sufficient shipping one drop of the electrolyte to provide the glasses for four full shipments.

And to know the status of the shipment of the glasses by clicking twice on the side of the frame of the glasses, and Note The distance of the lighting in the circle around the lens of the camera that indicate the status of the battery, as he picks up the glasses video clips by clicking on the big button in the top frame of the glasses, in order to record a video clip of 10 seconds, or click twice to record a video 30 seconds, which is the same button that is pressed for a second, almost in order to capture a high resolution image.

And the car “speaks” the Spectacles of the new faster by about 4 times from the first version to transfer videos and photos to your smartphone, andthe price of the glasses is $ 149.99 (2,600 pounds), it is more expensive than the first version for 20$.

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