Snape launches put a 3D Camera on the camera power for the last versions of the iPhone

سناب تطلق وضع 3D Camera لكاميرا السلفي لأخر إصدارات الآيفون

Announced Snape about the added 3D mode Camera is a three-dimensional mode for the camera app lets users take selfies three-dimensional more vital, but on the iPhone X and above only.

Where I thought the company in strengthening its application of this feature by relying on Depth camera front in the last versions of the iPhone, which uses Apple technology to identify facial features, “Face ID” and the establishment of emoji Animojis

As the image shows above, the feature of the 3D Camera give a scene more depth and more vital to the image when captured through this situation with moving the semi-circular shape, to be the user teakettle able to use all the effects and filters 3D that the app on the photo.

And enjoy attach Snape character new to the story or through the conversations and share them with friends, even those who don’t have the situation both of the iPhones. older than X, or Android phones, and other, so that they can receive and watch the set three-dimensional just don’t try it.

In addition, owners will be able to line to support the development of a 3D Camera to capture videos and photos of the three-dimensional cross-system snap 3 quick updated next in November at a price of $ 380 !

And the integration technique used in the depth camera in the iPhone said Snape she took advantage of the ability of the camera in the iPhone to capture the best image possible and then benefited from the data of depth to create a three-dimensional sphere.

As for the people most important to you a large audience of Snapchat is to provide this feature for Android application in the presence of a front camera with high efficiency in a large number of devices work for, where police responded vaguely kind of on this question, saying that it would support many and Android this situation, but without limiting the phones or specify a time limit for the process.

For models of the outputs of the 3D mode Camera in Snapchat you can watch the following video:



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