Snape’s reveal the system, its newest 3 spectacles camera HD effects 3D

سناب تكشف عن تظارتها 3 spectacles بكامرتي HD ومؤثرات 3D

The company revealed a snap of her copy of the second and newer of her sunglasses, 3 spectacles, where carrying a pair of cameras equipped with the three-dimensional 3D to be used across the application Snapchat to drop effects and Share sent over interactive.

A pair of cameras installed on the corners allows to obtain the photo more depth through filters 3D which in turn allows dropping effects and cut-outs, Virtual On videos Polish through the use of virtual reality technologies.

As both the author of the two working HD can record videos with 60 frames per second, and images are captured via 4 microphones improve sound quality and take it out efficiently, said the company.

As well as being System of the spectacles 3 have the button on all sides to take pictures or video when the user’s need and his desire to use it away from the app.

And speaking of looking the same, they have been designed to be light weight in spite of a classification of material Stainless Steel, to be so suitable to wear throughout the day, as they are available in two different colors namely black, dark bronze.

In would come the glasses with a lid for protection and via a USB connection from Type C, with a feature called flattening the cover is level when wearing the glasses, bringing the campaign to its implementation.

Price awareness in the market

Will be available to tour in the autumn of this year with the entry of the month of November at a price of $ 380, an increase ranging from $ 150-200 from the previous ones, although it does not have the use of the report of the campaign of money as their predecessors, but they bear many of the techniques added.

Which is apparent through the annihilate of the 3D operate that allow to enjoy the experience of MG through the glasses and dropping folders and review images and videos, however; in addition to exploit the east side of the software more via the app in any updates to come, to be integrated with the glasses.



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