Snapseed.. specifications best application for photo editing on phones

Many believed the application Snapseed (for Android – iOS) the best to improve the audio on the phones, since the Google bought it in 2012 and the popularity of the application keeps increasing, and because the app is free, here’s an explanation of how to use the adjustment on the photo.

The image captured by the phone

An ordinary picture of a statue of wood, will be a sample to buy features of Snapseed.

1) try the ready-made filters

You’ll find three tabs when you import a picture from your phone to the app to download it, first, appearance, LOOKS, where there are ready-made filters in advance. And tools TOOLS, where the tools for communication on certain aspects of the image such as the space الـHDR and the tension, drama and classical.

Maybe you can use these filters to insert all the adjustment you want, or you may be the first step in the amendment.

2) the settings of the compensation

The effect of bright light on the elements of the image may not be perfect, and here we resort to the settings of the compensation for it, which is existing in the tab tools on behalf of the Tune, Image or adjust the image.

You will find the settings for each of brightness, contrast, saturation and the emergence of light and shadows, and more. Drag your finger on the Settings up and down to choose any of the settings, and then drag left and right to implement the amendment to varying degrees.

SnapseedAfter the settings of the compensation

In the picture was reduced the contrast and visibility of the light and increasing the shadows with a warm tone.

3) white balance


You’ll need this option when you are affected by images of light often arises colors with a different tone undesirable, you can even use it to create the effect of the color of my outfit.

بعد إعداد توازن اللون الأبيض

Here the effect wasn’t warm water in the previous step is sufficient, so it was better to increase the redness of the image a little bit.

4) rotate the image and


You’ll find familiar editing tools such as rotate and to the side of the house, and you can use them to improve the shape of the image.

SnapseedAfter adjustment of the perspective

It was here that the use of the product, development and training to make the image more straightening the onlooker, after that was a little warped.

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5) modification of the selective


You can use the brush tool to Brush in the tab TOOLS to improve the places in the photos and remix them independently, after selecting the images; the tool works by choosing the modification degree first and then pass your finger on the image to select the places that will be reliable, make sure of specific places to click on the eye icon, and if you want to undo the modification, you can return the degree of impact to zero (on the word of an eraser) then pass your hand to improve the area.

Snapseed.. مواصفات أفضل تطبيق لتحرير الصور على الهواتف 1After the adjustment of the selective

It was here that the adjustment on the image to increase color saturation 10°.

6) remove elements unwanted

Of tool Healing tab, in the tools you can zoom in and modify the brush size selection, and when it is the appropriate size and drag your finger on the area that you want to be removed to effect, knowing that the tool is not perfect when the junk takes up a large area of the image.

Are removed dark spots on the beach. Thus was the final result after the adjustment.

Snapseed.. مواصفات أفضل تطبيق لتحرير الصور على الهواتف 2The final result

Source Android Authority

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