Sneaky diversion: EOS accused in the attack on the Ethereum network

Recently, a team of dApp platform Just accused the EOS in the manipulation of the price of gas in Ethereum. The developers have published a detailed report about it on Reddit. The increase in the cost of transactions associated with the Ethereum contract that made “the corporate attack on the network of cryptocurrency”. It is reported AMBCrypto.

How much is the transaction Ethereum

Investigation Just led developers to contract called IFishYunYu. He used 40 percent of the network Ethereum, which raised the price of gas up to 100 GVA. Only transaction spent gas in the amount of 50 ETH. It is noteworthy that all the tokens went to the purse exchange FCoin. Earlier, the exchanger has appeared in such incidents.

In his post, the team Just says that the transaction was used with Ethereum wallet, which had previously been seen in raising funds for the ICO EOS. However, the developers did not name address that allegedly received the Broadcast from EOS. It turns out, the purse was not used for transactions for at least 122 days.

A Reddit user under the nickname Josshem notes that this is not a targeted attack, and just play with the dynamics of the market. However, there is a high probability of repetition of such “jokes”, if the network Ethereum will not be the normal scalability.

EOS CTO Dan Larimer has denied all allegations made against his project.

I can assure you that never would have spent their resources on it. With the Air of doing a great job CryptoKitties. There are far more reasonable and effective methods of network attacks Ethereum.

Despite the excuses of Larimer, cryptocommunist still blames EOS what is happening. They have every reason to think so — after all, the EOS still remains the main competitor to Ethereum. That’s what it thinks the user under the name KPenney.

If I were in the place of EOS with a bunch of free money, I’d realized two things: a) the competitor has a better product and b) the longer I hold a losing position, the more difficult it will be competition in the future. Of course, then the only option is sabotage. So you could even say that private blackany work better, because with them these things happen.

We will remind, earlier EOS appeared in several controversial events. A series of misfortunes and trials stretches for the project since the very first day of launch of the main network. Do you have one of the largest ICO in the future? Share your thoughts with like-minded people.


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