So don’t be fooled how to differentiate between charger Samsung original, charger tradition

 كيفية التفريق بين شاحن سامسونج الأصلي و الشاحن التقليد

Samsung Brand of the most important brands that depends a lot on the used recently, and to maintain these devices must be attention to the ownership of the accessories from the original type, which includes the heavens and the mills and today we are going to how to differentiate between charger Samsung original, charger Samsung tradition

According to Samsung, recommend the use of accessories Samsung original or the treaty only which has been specifically designed for use in Samsung products. You may not be using the batteries cables and chargers not compatible safe, and may cause damage to the device or may lead to external damage may lead to the use of a battery that is not authorized to increase the battery power or ignition.

The people in charger of Samsung original

At the outset, consideration should be given to your logo with Samsung printed on the charger, the original charger be the characters own equal, either about the mills tradition is often a the letter A is thicker than the rest of the characters.

The size of the pins

When checking between pins charger Samsung original and, it turns out that the original charger has a portion thicker than the bottom, this is the most fish will be near the base of the charger, while the charger tradition will be equally clear from the bottom up.


Many times the shipper is fully original, but the outlet of the USB tradition, and to make sure that the director’s original must be the focus in the color and size, where the color of the original product being a color more shop, as well as the author in the Palace more than tradition.

Manufacturing quality

Samsung is one of the most famous brands, this company used the top material in terms of quality, it is therefore the most important characteristic of the shipper, the original quality of the raw plastic, which is synthesized from them.

The weight of the charger

It is up in the kidnapping of the weight of the original charger from tradition to the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacture of tea, if you compare both the original charger and tradition, original charger heavier weight of the charger tradition, given the quality of the plastic made ones.

The hottest device

It was noted that people who rely on the use of chargers article suffer from the overheating of their devices significantly, compared to the chargers of the original that do not cause high temperature devices, as well as some other things which include print texts in the background of the shipper.

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