So don’t fall victim to artificial and your job, because of his

الذكاء الصُنعي الذكاء الاصطناعي

الذكاء الصُنعي الذكاء الاصطناعي

Started a lot of studies and researches dealing with the topic of artificial from another angle away from the jumps and the technical that has achieved recently, focusing on the gravity of the machine intelligence on a human hand, and his career on the other.

In numbers, the Amazon is one of the top companies in this field due to the revolution that achieved by via Alexa and eco. However, this superiority came at the expense of other factors, most notably employment, at a large part of the task relying on artificial contributed by studies in the Elimination of more than 150 thousand jobs, with lower salaries in some sectors, which kept working without not helpless, perhaps the scandal of the moral recent good example of the trickle-down effect to the intelligence of the machine.

The above confirms that there is a risk to lose jobs because of the machine, but there are some steps or ideas that individuals can do in the hope to contribute in the future and get the role even with the presence of machine intelligence and reliability.

  • Intelligence is based on Human

Apps have become artificial different able to think the human in a lot of areas, including medical, including athletic and intellectual as well. However, most companies when they start developing new software that takes into account the human brain and the mechanism of his thinking and everything is based on it.

Seeking the most companies to simulate the human brain in the mechanism of learning new data, the mechanism analysis of what he sees or what he hears, to be superior to the intelligence level of human contact with the ambitions of the humans weren’t able to have enough black holes, or find a cure for cancer. This means that the experience of the human essential role in the future to accelerate the development of the machine.

  • English language proficiency

Can be considered the first step to get the role in the future of where the machine is to learn the English language and mastery, and that to understand the research and studies published on these topics, the Arab League educational, whatever its size, will never be sufficient to transfer the information. Thus, the English language to engage with teams specialized in this field is very required.

With learning English and cooperation with work teams in the field of artificial, will increase the practical experience I have to move it later after learning it from their main sources, otherwise we’ll stay out of the game and racing.

  • Almost artificial

To return to the previous paragraph, and specifically “engage with teams specialized in this field,” anyone can already engage with the various task forces after the artificial understanding of the optimum.

You can’t Apple develop sensors for facial recognition without the cooperation with researchers and experts in the field to create masks. It also didn’t work with Google to develop a search engine without collaboration with scientists in the language to achieve beauty. The same thing applies to all the other IQ, or technical applications in general. Won’t be able to a company to develop a sensor to detect cancer without understanding the cancer cell, and the disparities with the rest of the cells. You will not be able to further develop clever software to spot without the cooperation with the experts of language and translation to understand the installation of different languages.

The list of examples is very long, but if you are a professor of language education, for example, make sure you sweating a little bit to understand the difference between short and long term memory, in addition to how understanding and conservation at the human. Then look for the studies you share to companies like Google about the mechanism adopted by the education assistant digital new languages. From here, with the passage of time, will increase your expertise in this area which will go a lot of companies in the coming years. When, in the case of having the experience in the field, with expertise in the field of machine Intelligence, you may be able to secure a job even with the control of the machine.

In the end, a career as a sound engineer give a clear example of a mechanism to maintain employment even with the arrival of a revolutionary situation. Previously, he was General Staff the only way to record songs and machines. But with the advent of the incident, he became able to generate those same sounds to make a lot of playlists themselves without a job. The sound engineer is that person who understands the sound of machinery natural, preferred way of dealing with it inside the case, to combine the two strands and secures the same of that revolution.

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