So it looks like the Motorola folding for Motorola RAZR 2019

Motorola RAZR 2019

We can imagine how will look like the Motorola folding which is based on the concept of the mobile phone of the legendary Motorola RAZR. In fact, we can thanks to some pictures that were taken from the patent the Motorola company registered under her name.

On the outside, it looks like the phone Motorola RAZR 2019 rollaway quite similar to the phone Motorola RAZR the original, down to the bottom of the round. But inside, there is a OLED screen folding one stretch on the length of the phone with cut in the Middle top for the earpiece with the knowledge that there’s a hinge in the middle of the structure to facilitate the task of folding the phone and open it.

In the outside, there seems to be two cameras and a small second, just like the phone Motorola RAZR V3. In the case if the previous rumors are true, it is supposed to be announced phone Motorola RAZR 2019 in the near future with the knowledge that there is a possibility to be revealed in the next month. However, there’s a chance that it is not launched on a global level so that it is likely to be available exclusively for customers of the company American Communications Verizon vs 1500$ as it is likely to manufacture 200 thousand unit only from this phone.


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