So it looks like the Samsung canceled full screen and the buttons


A few months ago, there was a rumor that Samsung was working on a new smartphone to celebrate its tenth would push the limits by providing a full and lacks any physical buttons through the replaced frame pressure sensitive.

Having said that, has the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe Today, published the photo above which gives us a clue as to how that was going to by this phone free of buttons. And on the left there is a phone Galaxy Note 10 the bottom, and on the right the mysterious phone that has been cancelled now which carries the name of the Project R6. Despite being a part of the series phones Galaxy A Series, except that it works processor Snapdragon 855.

Was Ice the Universe has said before that Samsung has canceled the project after I entered the company Huawei in a spiral of problems with the U.S. government, which has led Samsung Electronics to feel comfortable and not to risk with such a design. However, to solve all the problems with the American government, is expected to drive the company Huawei using the same curved screen the parties in the phone its next flagship, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Explained some of the individuals that design free from buttons with the police free of the frame would lead to the creation of a device difficult to use and fragile at the same time. What do you think you are? Let us know into the comments below.


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