So say the Apple review apps before they are approved by Metro

I did an interview recently with the former chairman of the department to approve applications at Apple, and published by Bloomberg recently and shed light on the process of reviewing the applications over the past decade and the team that stands behind this process. Cover the conversation the first days of 2009, and the growing problems for applications that rely on approval of the manual and more.

Philip Shoemaker, and he was head of the department to approve applications in the App Store from 2009 until 2016, and noted that in the beginning there was only 3 people role is to review applications prior to approval in the App Store, leading to Times long review, before improving it to increase the number of the group, and pointed Shoemaker also to include a person to the group audit, he was required to sit down with him first before giving them powers.

The company preferred to rely on the staff to review the applications manually instead of tools PC, for of apps not suitable. However, he said that there are a lot of apps in the App Store which should not be present, as an application in the name of “I am rich” that was available for purchase from the App Store for a brief period at a price of 1000$ before you remove it.

Asked Philip Shoemaker asked if all developers are treated truly equal, or if you receive some special treatment, his reply was that it will be Jobs was determined on the rules applicable in all areas on Friday, indicating that some of the best apps such as Facebook and Twitter, they had some of the worst code in that time.

Use the interview to cover the balance of the applications offered by Apple, and how it can affect third-party developers, where at present Apple to launch some of the apps already in the App Store from the developers of the third party, and said Philip shoemaker that there is a conflict with the entry of Apple into these spaces ripe with competition, noting that he was “worried about the competition”.

Source: Bloomberg

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