SoftBank and Leica investing $ 121 million in the company of Light, and a smart phone coming late this year


The company was Light very advanced on Friday after it detects the camera is equipped with up to 16 cameras in the year 2015, this means that before the company launches LG unleashed the madness of multiple cameras in the smartphone world with the LG phone G5 in 2016. Having said that, it has received the company of Light now an investment of my company Softbank and the Leica worth 121 million USD.

From the launch of the smart phone is equipped with a Light at the end of this year. This smartphone that we’re talking about here, not a 16-camera, but it will apparently 9 cameras, making it the first of its kind in the world note that the phone Huawei P20 Pro from Huawei is the only smartphone available in the market currently with more than two cameras in the backend.

With the use of many of the camera, can technology Light create a three-dimensional model of exact science. It should be noted that the ambitions of the company of Light related to smartphones and professionalism, the company want to replace the technique of LIDAR in self-driving cars with its own system-based cameras. And then the company will work to reach other areas, including Robotics, aviation, aircraft, drone, and industrial processes, and other areas.

light 2

On this subject, stated the Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the company of Leica, Mr. Andreas Kaufmann said : ” the brand was founded Leica on a long tradition of technical leadership, precision engineering, and craftsmanship. Since the birth of the first digital camera in 1996, embarked Leica in the course of the development of digital imaging technology. With the rapid development in the photography case, the partnership with the creators in the company of Light ensures the purchase of the Leica to extend its traditions to the era of photography computer “.


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