Software download Qustodio protect children when they use the internet

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Software download Qustodio protect children when they use the internet

In the world of today’s sophisticated technology and the proliferation of social networking applications and games, there are a lot of threats that surround us, including cyber attacks, theft of personal information and violations of privacy and false information and news counterfeit and even cyber crimes.

But all of these threats coupled with the pornographic exploitation of sexual danger to children when using the Internet, parents must move to protect them.

If you control their online habits is an entirely different battle as to the existence of smart phones connected to the internet doesn’t make it easier.

But with every problem there is a solution presents itself, fear of the rapid programmes for parental control like Qustodio gives parents the opportunity required.

Devices that are running the program Qustodio


Program Qustodio

Works Qustodio on Windows devices and Android, Mac OS, iOS and Kindle, so regardless of the type of hardware used by you and your family members, it has got to cover the multiple devices.

Keep this app one of the apps parental controls our favorites because its simple: the application Qustodio is easy to use easy to use and uncomplicated, and can be reached duty-free crap from your PC and your mobile device.

So if you are looking for a simple solution to protect your children and provide you peace of mind, the group of parental controls this is a great way to do it.

Whether your kid has a iTouch or iPhone or a tablet device, this software can be a real saver.

How it works the program Qustodio on the protection of children when they use the internet


How it works the program Qustodio

Compared with the parental common such as the Apple Screen Time and Google Family Link and the YouTube Kids, was created Qustodio setting with both children and parents in mind.

Start General Health online parenting healthy, thanks to the appropriate software became support both processes easier than ever.

Despite its simplicity, offers Qustodio full range of surveillance capabilities, parents can see their children’s use of the internet (such as the activity of social media), call history, records of text messages / SMS.

The program lets you also control the time of the screen, adjust time limits, and block access to apps and websites, restrict the time spent in certain games or other services.

Know you keep track of the program location of a specific mobile device recently, and filter technology automatically blocks inappropriate content, to keep it clean and secure home network with many of the features can you really control what your child can and cannot do using their smartphones.

How to parental controls for your Qustodio easily customizable also, this is one of the important considerations for families with children of different age groups, as it allows parents to setup parameters custom control for different devices based on the age of the user: for example, it may be trust child older than the child far older.

In the day you may think of removing a small child from social networking sites completely, this allows customization to a certain level of parental controls that allow adults to access content and services without violating their privacy where.

The cost of the program Qustodio protect children when they use the internet

Program, Qustodio for families is expensive application parental control, but has the option of free always, happen the free version of surveillance on a single device and keeps the seven days of record keeping activities.

You can also get the elements of the control basic such as web filter and allocate time for certain activities, you Qustodio composition of the plans of contribution paid on family size, with the option of a small (three devices), medium (five devices), options for large (10 devices), the cost of these plans 39.95 to $ 54.95 to $ 96.95 per year, respectively.

Some of the advantages offered by all on the free version is 30 days from the date of the activity and the value of time-based app and site.

Software download Qustodio protect children when they use the internet

You can download the program for free and get membership to use it which is free also you can easily do from here or here

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