Software platform to teach programming in Arabic and ambitious challenging

منصة برمج لتعليم البرمجة بالعربية وعام طموح مليء بالتحديات

Maybe he should have threatened the Arab programming through a difficult to learn especially if the knowledge of other languages is weak, especially since the main content on the internet in this field in other languages, but it started to improve recently became possible for a large number of interested access to the content of the cart.

Comes to us in Arabic content possible to teach programming, software platform, which was launched take ambitious steps about a year ago, so what ended them but they are offering 395 video tutorial for about 65 hours of technical content, which varied between the educational classes, tests and software.

And what prevents the platform programming a special character is provided classes to teach programming in several areas, offering lessons on the basics of programming, develop Android applications, programming in Java, web development with Django Django, as well as software apps for iPhone language Swift from Apple.

During the first year of the organization, managed 150 person wagon from the beginning of their way in learning programming languages, was 74% male and 26% female.

And for those interested in learning programming, start their way with the product that has become partner of the initiative of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid to the education of the million programmer cart cross-site

منصة برمج

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