Software serious allows hacked phones only through a text message

Yesterday announced the security researchers at the site of AdaptiveMobile about the existence of software not exploitative, dangerous called Simjacker which allows hackers to penetrate your smart phone just by sending an SMS text message! The most serious thing is that they announced that these software products already for more than two years in several states.

This attack depends on the way of his work on some of the programming steps is executed by the cards الـSIM the same this is where that SIM cards already contain what looks like computer miniature, which be able to perform some simple operations according to the operating system that the card works through it.

What can hackers implemented during this migration is to get the IMEI number of your phone or get location information to the side that the kidnappers through this way they can direct the same message is harmful to other users through the victim’s phone!

On the other hand, added the location of AdaptiveMobile Security, he thinks that this software has been programmed by a private company working in secret with the governments of some states in order to monitor users.

Unfortunately so far there are no answers to the questions that may spin your mind right now: the sources of this software serious? What are the phone companies that may accept SIM cards this code is? However, the report indicated that this software harmful already used in 30 countries at least, which includes more than a million users.

Source: AndroidPolice

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