Solutions to all the problems of the fact dad you know on the most important questions about Whatsapp new

All questions and common problems on the application of watts August 2018

WhatsApp now think of the applications of conversation and chat free in all over the world and application the most secure and respect privacy extra for the quality of what is offered to users of the characteristics and features of easier for them to get their services with satisfaction and admired , but there are some aspects in this program is great and the updates and features that I don’t know much about her , too. some users may experience problems during the use of Whatsapp on your mobile phone and may be users the reality to change in some Arab States , you know the solutions to all the problems of WhatsApp and answers the most frequently asked questions about this app world , Read this topic from our site how technique to learn more on the application WhatsApp new 2018 .

What WhatsApp WhatsApp chat?

The application of watts August introduction, it is one of the best programs tea after Messenger , where you enter the phone number and use it instead of the account and the password , you can through the application WhatsApp, send messages and chat with your friends .

And also free calls with your friends and contacts you have , doubled the number of users the application WhatsApp to millions after buying the company, Facebook is not the year 2015 that I’ve developed and several improvements on its design and its response to orders .

And gives you the application WhatsApp alert when a new message arrives for you to read it to you out of the app and you can respond directly and rapidly from the notifications without the need to enter for the application itself is actually the father of the app that was able to achieve a global breakthrough major in the field of social media, which led to a revolutionary giant in the field of communication technology resulted in the innovation of dozens of applications that followed the same approach of the giant green .

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and SMS?

The cost of text messages and voice calls in WhatsApp WhatsApp low much compared with the cost of traditional text messages in addition to the numerous advantages offered by WhatsApp, such as sending files and emoticons and images and make calls to the video and the app thinks other than the fee online completely free and doesn’t ask you extra fees to unlock features .

Did you contact numbers international free in fact the Father?

Then I connect and send messages to contacts outside the country International totally free like e-mail messages sent to addresses in all countries of the world , but you may encounter a problem in the contact numbers in WhatsApp in States prohibiting the use of the application WhatsApp like the UAE and Saudi Arabia requires you to use another way to communicate .

How to solve the problem of installing WhatsApp on?

Beginning to be able to use the features of WhatsApp free sure you download the app for Android from the App Store or link to the APK :

Download WhatsApp for all devices

You may experience problems and fail the process of installing WhatsApp on your phone so you make sure that your phone is running Android 2.1 and above because Android does not support older versions.

While if I try to install the app from an external source, non-Google Play store your phones Android make sure that the installation option from unknown sources Unknown Sources activated through Settings > Security Security > install from unknown sources Unknown Sources.

What do you do if you didn’t get your activation code?

After download reality application on your phone from the App Store or from unknown sources in order to look by using it to enter the phone number you use to be able to sync Contacts and send messages and make free calls , after I enter the mobile number you are required to enter the code or the activation code which is sent to the phone number that you enter , you may encounter a problem and don’t up your activation code through which you will be able to enter the application , what’s the solution?!

Make sure that you first enter your phone number correctly, and make sure you choose the States correctly. If you are powering up in another country other than the country of the phone number to, enter the country of the SIM card and not the country in which it was presented currently. Remember of course that the SIM in the phone so you can activate WhatsApp.

In case you didn’t get the message though make sure you validate the number and the symbol of the State, you can request the code by clicking on the option of the reception of the activation code via telephone contact, where you will be contacted immediately and receive your code voice automated phone call on your number .

How do I give someone calling me?

Application WhatsApp Kai application or social media, you may experience people who refuse to receive the respective messages or calls and the app lets you the possibility of blocking Lai No. , and I don’t receive any messages or calls from this person and don’t say fact answer to the definition of a person that someone has blocked it, but he might be able to infer that some directories, such as it does not show case or another, the appearance or your profile photo, I don’t , but will remain in the contacts he has , And you can work to ban or block any number on WhatsApp is simple through open conversation of the person and click on the options and choose the item Block .

كيف تحظر شخص على الواتس
How to prohibit a person on the fact

How to stop notifications messages from appearing?

You can disable the notification and alert messages in the application alwats August of a certain number of through the work of miwa Mute for the figure , this feature enables reception of messages and calls and anything from this person without you getting a notification or messages appear on the phone only to find when you open the app and enter the conversation .

You can work mutant Lai number on WhatsApp by entering the conversation the person and click on the options from the points above conversation, and clicking on the item Mute to stop the reception of notifications and can’t for the other party to know about it .

Mute on whatsapp
Mute on whatsapp

How you can set up a group in fact a father?

Set up groban a conversation with friends one of the most important features of the application alwats August and allows you to add a large number of enemies and send text messages, pictures and videos and audio recordings , as soon as you open the app and click on the options you will find a busy group or a group click on it to choose a name for the group then look to add enemies .

انشاء مجموعة واتس اب
Set up a group WhatsApp

How to change the background of WhatsApp change the size of the font?

To change the background of WhatsApp or rather choose a picture for the background of talks fact with your friends by clicking on Settings and then the conversation to choose a photo from the studio, or choose automatic wallpaper from the app itself .

تغيير خلفية الواتس
Settings talks reality

Solution the connection fails to apply the watts up?

You may notice while using WhatsApp the inability to manage the calls or send messages to friends in this case check if the data network or Wi-Fi active by going to Settings < Wireless and you can also do clear the cache and see if it works .

How can you hide the situation and the image and appearance of the last in fact a father?

Definitely lets you WhatsApp high level of privacy in the preparation of the account, and then privacy, you will find the possibility of masking the situation or the profile picture or the other backs you have on all the people or make it available only to friends or contacts you have or make them available to everyone . But keep phenomenon real to you online or offline right now.

اعدادات خصوصية الواتس
Settings privacy fact
اخفاء اخر ظهور
Hide last seen

How to hide offline now or online in fact the Father?

In the presence of the programs in plasma and watts August and golden plus blue found the additional features he was looking for users of WhatsApp regular, including the possibility of masking is connected to the or online to the fact to friends , you can hide it by just downloading the program watts August plus Golden plus blue .

Download WhatsApp plus Golden

Download WhatsApp plus blue

How to delete messages WhatsApp from the other party?

Enabled WhatsApp in late 2017 new feature is the possibility to delete messages that you sent of all parties to the conversation and so that they are erased from the phone of the future and the sender, but with the appearance of its place among I here there is a deleted message only , and do not have the benefit of a way to delete the app itself in order to be able to remove or non-arrival of the message recipient and that, because here now you can delete the message everybody has, any of the Parties with the participation notice explains the removal of the message .

حذف رسائل واتس اب
Deleted messages WhatsApp

And it is simple through a long press on the safety that you send it will show you a list of options to choose to wipe it from all sides .

Can I track the geographical location of the real-time to your friends on alwats August is?

Yes ask the WhatsApp new feature will be made available in the coming weeks on the phones you can track The movements of your friend on WhatsApp and on all his movements during the selected time period to track the geographical location and this new feature on WhatsApp called Live Locations allow the user to watch, geographical location, intraday real-time with other person who talks to him.

The user can stop tracking the geographic location at any moment and not have to wait throughout the period of the tracking mentioned . And WhatsApp data sent between persons during tracking encrypted and can not be found from any third party.

How do you know who blocked you on WhatsApp? the

You can download a program to see who has blocked me WhatsApp for android this program is very useful to know who did ban you on WhatsApp you will be able to learn from the process block you on WhatsApp and he said to ban you I have all versions of the program alwats August new and is Application easy and outcomes very accurate in knowing who to ban your WhatsApp with ease download it from : here

But of course you can see who has blocked you on WhatsApp through some directories such as when you send a message through WhatsApp you will find next to their check mark only one(√) this means that the letter arrived but not seen the other user but when you read it you’ll find the check mark twice (√√) in blue, so if you don’t get on my mark(√√) for your message, This is the third Guide to be prohibited.

And can also reveal the need written by this person, because the disappearance of the recent ones is a clear indication of the ban , and then send a sentence or picture of the person who constitute, if appeared in front of you on the screen a signal received one, and stayed for a very long time for a week and more, and you have to know that this person you are talking to has blocked.
And you can also create a new group in the program by entering options and item set up a new group to add the person that he has blocked you, and if your block already, you’ll see a message stating that the person does not have the power to add his number.

How to cancel ban or block you put anyone you actually a father?

The application of fact does not allow you to directly the possibility of lifting the ban or block you from a certain person but you can cancel the Block or the ban on who blocked you in WhatsApp easily , you first have to backup messages WhatsApp to increase the security and recover your account easily, you know we need pictures and steps in detail through the following topic : to know and cancel the prohibition of WhatsApp

How can you use WhatsApp on computer?

Software is whatsapp the most popular programs that support the text and talk which works on all types of mobile devices, browsers and operating systems. And download the new version of the program watts August whatsapp intended for use by personal devices running Windows and Mac after the success of the program on mobile devices different can you recognize the way to download the program watts August whatsapp for PC FREE: program WhatsApp whatsapp for PC.

After download program WhatsApp for PC we will find that this new program your PC computer lets you times all your family members and your friends of the same gods and the way to use WhatsApp on mobile , and makes you connected with them all the time and everywhere without having to more of the settings and addenda.

How you can decipher the prohibition of calls and WhatsApp in the Gulf countries Whatsapp?

When blocking calls WhatsApp find citizens in some states they can not call reception, or their inability to hear the sound and shows the message following when I tried to call or receive any call and show them a message which reads as follows :

( Could not make the call because the cellular network used by your phone give make calls through WhatsApp tried to connect to Wi-Fi and make the call again.)

Allows the VPN well-known possibility to change the channel the passage of data to become through a Virtual privat netwrok )VPN ) rather than to go through the companies direction, and in this way the user can applications that makes calls without being in breach of his companies to connect to it.

Know in detail the steps and the best ways to break the ban WhatsApp fully : explain the method of decoding blocked calls alwats August in the Gulf states Whatsapp


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