Solutions to the problems of the Google Play Store how to get rid of obstacles download apps Android

How to download any application from google play without problems

Problems store Google Play many and many users of phones and devices powered by Android OS , from where control or blocking apps available on Android , and the problem of non-availability of the application in countries or particular geographic areas so that it appears when you download the app This item is not available in your country , you can easily get rid of this problem and be able to upload any application on Android from the Google Play Store , Or the mission is heading towards the app download link directly like WhatsApp and snapchat Snapchat and download Instagram and download stores Android or download games , in this topic of our site , how technology will talk about the most important problems facing users of the Google Play Store on Android and the most important solutions to these problems and enjoy of the download all apps Android easily .

Like any online service or site specific, the problems in dealing with the incoming and firms ed to improve its services but there is nothing perfect in this world.

Millions of users of Android phones and tablets that operate this system are facing from time to time various problems with the Google Play store which prevents them from downloading programs and applications they want to download from the App Store and this so sad and frustrating to many of them.

While in fact there are solutions to each these problems, and unzip it through this article, you can skip it easily and download the apps you want simply.

When you start using store Android official Google Play you have set up Google Play account and sign in Google Account , you know the steps to set up Google Play Account page
To get the additional features and download an app store Android Google Play , a lot of users bothering to set up Google Play account American and this helps in getting rid from problems Google Play

Google Play can’t download pages-up applications !

This problem arises through the emergence of many different messages in its content a three, the first is “Connection timed out” and the second is “Error retrieving information from server. RPC:S-7:AEC-0” and there is a message other times the relationship is “No connection”, and in this case there are many actions and possibilities to solve the problem.

The first solution: is your Internet connection good? Maybe a bad connection. is the reason.

Second solution: restart the phone in case the problem persists.

Second solution: also make sure that the phone and sign in your phone because the error at this level cause similar problems with the App Store.

The second solution: delete the temporary files stored in your device or what’s called the cache Manager to access the Settings then click on applications, then click the apps Manager the Apps manager and select the application Google Play then tap on Clear Cache and also Clear Data to delete the data and cache.

Solution four: is it ready? Delete cash and data of Download Manager Download Manager.

Solution V: may be the storage medium absent or very few check it.

Previous solution: make sure that the Download Manager activated you can of the settings do.

 To solve the error Error 919 in Google Play market !

Of errors that you can encounter while using the Google Play store we find the error Error 919 which simply means that the application that you are trying to download larger than the storage space available on your device, so you’ll have to offload some of the problems connected, through control of the size of the apps and the space exploited to delete files unwanted.

Also, this problem occurs because in the settings Select to download applications when connected by Wi-Fi rather than through a call to the Internet through networks of third generation and the fourth will have to refer to the settings of the store.

 The error is resolved Error 927 in Google Play market !

If you downloaded the app and got this message Error 927 it means that the market store Google Play update itself in the background of the device.

So you have to wait a bit until the application finishes the update and then try again.

مشاكل متجر جوجل بلاي
Problems Google Play Store
  • Solved my problem of Error 491 , Error 481

The appearance of one of these letters means that your account on Google I have a problem with the store most likely, so you have to delete your Google Account stored in your phone and then reboot the phone.

Then add your email to the previously use and which to delete, and Settings then Application manager can delete the cache and data Google Play Store.

Solve the problem of the payment request again when you download the apps I bought previously

In case you have already bought many apps and games from Google Play and asks you to the app again and pay for it to download, it’s because the email address that you use currently in the App Store mg mail which was used by the state and download the paid apps.

So I switched towards the account that you are using previously, which I bought through the app and clean again without paying any cents.

google play

Solve the problem of this item is not available in my country

Solve the problems of Google Play

Eat all the solutions of this famous problem facing millions of users, including in the Arab region and the Arab world that in a previous article entitled The best solutions to the problem of this item is not available in my country

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