Some ads youtube forced users ‘ computers to the mining of digital currencies

This week, reminded users that anti-virus programs in their computers has alerting them of attempts to use the devices to digital currencies while watching videos on YouTube, even when non-users of the browsers said they browse other sites, did not show these warnings only on YouTube. Reported the security company that the attackers were using the AD system a subsidiary of Google which appear on the YouTube control processors users ‘ computers to the digital currency, specifically the currency in the name of the Muni bird. Managed code mining of access to treatments by injecting code ads to the instructions of the programming language JavaScript. It is likely that targeting youtube comes because of the watch users videos for a long time, so it needs the attackers to continue its Wizard to continue the process of mining and thus earn more digital currencies. Said a spokesman for Google that it was removing the ads of the suspect from YouTube and remove all the harmful elements of the product, but there may be remains undiscovered even now. Source: diegobetto

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