Some Android smartphones infected with Trojans straight from the factory

The main reason that created an image of Android as the most unsecure operating system, as it turned out, lies in the carelessness and naivety of those who use it. If you, as the owner of the device running Android, will download malware from nowhere and give her the privilege to collect the information — you are not a victim of circumstances, and the culprit. In this case, it is pointless to blame the manufacturer who did not protect you from viruses. But just in case malware was not installed from the factory.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, hackers have found a way to preinstall the Trojan Triada on smartphones some manufacturers before they hit the shelves. Usually, this happens when manufacturers want to equip their devices with technology that they do not belong, and turn to third-party providers. For example, Triada is embedded in a software interface, face recognition from studios Yehuo or Blazefire, cooperating with Chinese vendors.

Virus for Android

Getting on the device, Triada begins to collect information about the device including its model, operating system version, the amount of disk space, a list of installed applications, etc. a Distinctive feature Triada is the ability to penetrate into the code of any application, in fact, subjecting them to his will. In the result, the Trojan steals credentials for banking accounts and also gets the opportunity to make purchases online.

Due to the fact that Triada has incredible abilities to cloak themselves, to identify the Trojan on the device is extremely difficult. After Triada will collect all the necessary information about the device and send it to the hackers, they will send her a package of modules installed in memory devices Explay, Leagoo, Ark, Doogee, Advan, myPhone UHANS, Zopo and HomTom. However, to worry about it not worth it, even if you are the owner of smartphones of these brands. Google has already contacted the producers and gave them the instruction to eradicate the throne of firmwares-branded gadgets.

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