Some apps can track you even after the removal of

Even deleted apps will be spying on you, warned to Bloomberg Businessweek. This applies to all, regardless of the software platform on which to operate your device, whether iOS or Android. Surveillance is conducted using special trackers that enable developers to know when exactly you decided to delete the program from your smartphone or tablet, and also offer you to install it again after a certain time.

Trackers tracking the removal of applications are analytical companies that offer developers to gather more relevant statistics. For example, thanks to the trackers on the screen of your smartphone from time to time you may receive a dialog box with a request to take a survey and answer questions about the reasons for the removal of a particular program. It is necessary to improve the quality of service, and that’s all justified by the representatives of the consulting firm Localytics.

Application to violators

However, as it turned out, some developers use the tracker not only to gather information about the quality of their product, but also to send push notifications, calling reinstall the app, and even displaying advertisements. This in turn violates the rules to publish software in the App Store and Google Play, because it is contrary to the policy of ensuring user privacy, adopted by Apple and Google.

Despite the relative harmlessness of the trackers zainstalowanych applications, they are able to collect information about the device, user location and other information that enable them with variable accuracy to send relevant advertising. This way the developers manage to earn you money even after you have deleted their app, and I think never with him will not face.

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