Some developers specialize of the possibility that Google shut down Google Stadia someday

Spectators look on during a Google keynote address announcing a new video gaming streaming service named Stadia at the Gaming Developers Conference in San Francisco

Over the years, the company Google launched several products and services knowing that such services are an essential part of our daily lives such as Google Search and Gmail, while the closure of some of those services. This is normal because it is not logical for any company to continue to invest time and resources into a product or service is not necessarily profitable.

This is the reason why it’s not surprising to know that there are some Google Developer Stadia who are concerned about the upcoming service, where they expressed their concern that Google may shut down Google Stadia in one day. Said one developer to that this project is a source of concern to him.

According to the developer of Gwen Frey, he has stated by saying : ” the biggest complaint I have about the developers of Google Stadia is the fear of Google related. No one says ” Oh, you won’t succeed, or stream games via the cloud is not the future “. Everyone accepts that the broadcast of the games via the cloud is inevitable to a great extent. The biggest concern we have with Google Stadia is that they may not be present always. “

It is interesting that Google understands the skepticism behind this service has been dealt with already in the past. Previously quoted the production manager in the Department of Google Stadia network said : ” nothing is certain in life, but we are committed to the success of Google’s Stadia…of course, it’s okay to question my words. There is nothing I can say now to make you believe it. But what we can do is launch the service and continue investment for years to come. “

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