Some Huawei phones show ads screen lock

Facing Shao to improve the ads and downloaded to the interface use their own smart phones, and is also working on improving the algorithms to suggest content that may be appropriate, in addition to allowing users to modify the appearance of the ads.

In the time that you try to Shawty improve posture, it seems that Huawei took the little bit of attention for the applications that come pre-installed, where they began some of the ads appearing on the lock screen, specifically the ads to apply to stay for.

It is not yet known whether the declaration with the consent with the company or otherwise, and even now the means available to prevent the ads from appearing is to remove app that displays them, the access to the system settings to modify the status of the council – Magazine view.

It should be noted that Huawei will begin shipping its phones with its own system in October, it was reported that the system will focus on developing markets outside of China.

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