Some iPhone users X suffer from the problem of pulling out the phone to their hair!

iPhone X TrueDepth Face ID

The emergence of some problems in smart phone from time to time is very common, as companies such as Apple sell millions of devices, there’s bound to be some problems in some units of its devices. But lately, it seems that iPhone users X complain about something we haven’t heard of it before.

According to some iPhone users X, it seems that this phone pulls their hair. We know that this sounds strange, but apparently the gap between the MUTE button and the frame pulls out some hair from some users when they talk on the phone, trying to banish Smartphones from their face.

This is actually a common problem that has been monitoring several consultations on social networks like Reddit and Twitter have also been monitoring many of the posts on the support forums official subsidiary of Apple TV users Complain of this issue. Some feel that this problem comes because of a defect in design, while others say that a flaw in their units. Some were also lucky enough to solve this problem by providing their smart phones with the protective caps.

As we said earlier, this is a problem we haven’t heard about before, although they look rather troublesome, we believe that it is not a problem that the high degree of importance, but what is it do you think you are? Have you encountered a similar problem with iPhone X for you?


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