Some iPhone X its participation in the multi-touch screen – Apple TV is reform for free !

Apple announced a program to fix iPhone X that contain the problems in the touch screen. According to Apple, the phones affected by the problem in one of the display components leading to the lack of response to touch in the screen in whole or in part, and sometimes the screen turns alone without being touched!

بعض هواتف آيفون X بها مشاكل في شاشة اللمس - آبل تعد بالإصلاح مجاناً !
Some iPhone X its participation in the multi-touch screen – Apple TV is reform for free !

Apple said that users who face problem such as those listed above must reach out to one of the Apple stores and official or one of its authorized dealers within the country to fix the problem and replace the screen free of charge and without incurring any cost at all.

The problem of the touch may occur at any of the iPhone X, so don’t restrict the Apple TV reform program versions with serial no specific or date of manufacture or a particular purchase, as stated in the official statement published on its official website.

It is worth mentioning that the problem of touch this has been repeated complaints since the launch of iPhone X about a year ago. Apple reported that users who have to reform their phones at their own expense have to communicate with Apple TV or one of its agents to retrieve their money back.

The reform program for the iPhone screen X extended up to 3 years beginning from the date of purchase of the phone, it does not include any other damage in the screen as having a break in or any damage caused by misuse.

Does the iPhone X your problem in screen touch?

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