Some language codes CSS able to disable and restart the iPhone

بعض أكواد لغة CSS قادرة على تعطيل وإعادة تشغيل أيفون

Discover some of the researchers in the field of breakthroughs and attack the electronic capabilities of several codes in a language format of web pages CSS to disable and restart the iPhone, where the chirp Twitter developer and a specialist for security, privacy and patience of my horseshoe, developed a web page if visited by the phone holder iPhone or iPad will work and operate the machine immediately.

This is considered a loophole to exploit for the vulnerability exists in the browser is Webkit used in IOS system, which is the default browser for all applications on the system, according to what he said horseshoe to Techcrunch , the reason behind this is because of the large amount of user elements of software such as <div> background in programming in the language of CSS, which enables the use of all the resources of the device, which causes confusion in its performance due operating to avoid disabling the device completely.

Affect the the gap on the Mac also added, So when you open the link from Safari browser, has warned users that any Web page Language HTML coding affect the IOS system, for users to be careful during the visit of sites afford such code or when you open links sent via Facebook or email.

The availability of Horseshoe about this gap with Apple, which said it would investigate the subject, but in general no way for malware to enter the device through this gap or steal any information from him, this seems rather good.

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