Some large companies actually started to get rid of WiFi networks, and 5G networks instead


While WiFi networks is an essential element in homes and offices all over the world, they are not necessarily the best solution. For example, due to the restrictions on the routers ( Routers ), can become a coverage of the WiFi is intermittent but if you want to invest more money in the routers or multiple grid system interlocking ( Mesh Network ).

This is unlike mobile internet, which provide you with access to the internet at any place, unless in a secluded place. This is why we are not surprised when we read in the report issued from the website of the MIT Review, Some companies began to get rid of the WiFi networks and 5G instead.

We know already that he is not after the launch of 5G on a large scale to consumers, but the report says that companies such as Audi started to create the infrastructure necessary to take advantage of the speed of communication 5G in its facilities. The company believes that using 5G, it could connect its devices, such as robots, manufacturing better and safer in comparison with use WiFi or Ethernet or 4G LTE.

In the past, this is not possible because the speed of the internet through the cell towers were still lagging behind compared to the speed of the internet is normal, but is expected to change the 5G that’s because their speed and reduce the delay of transmission by 30 part of a second. As the report says, it appears that Audi is not the only one seeking to that, it was other companies like BMW and Daimler, and Volkswagen about the interest in using 5G in their facilities.


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