Some manufacturers for Android phones lie on the users

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Look Android phones is very slow in getting updates, according to the latest update published by Google during the month of February, 1.1 percent of Android users are enjoying access to the latest version of the operating system.

But it seems that problems occur on the software updates Android deeper than that, as it claims a research company named research labs Security “Security Research Labs” that many manufacturers of Android phones lying to users about security updates missing, according to a report by Wired.

According to the report, the issue of researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell, two years in the analysis of Android devices, in order to check whether the phones had already installed the security updates that refer manufacturers to provide their.

Found that many devices have what they call a “gap in the updates”, where the program supports the phone that it was up to date with security patches but it was in fact open to the dozens of updates.

It seems that these lost updates is not just an accident isolated individual, since according to the company Security Research Labs tested the firmware up to 1200 phone manufacturers such as Google, Samsung, HTC and Motorola along with a number of Chinese companies such as ZTE and TCL.

Focused tests on all security updates for Android that were released in the last year, they found that even the flagship smartphones of Samsung and Sony didn’t sometimes get on the patch.

It is clear that this is a big problem, whether it’s intentional or not, as this will expose customers to the risk of penetration due to the lack of the latest security updates, as they. a false sense of security by the belief that they enjoy the full protection, which may lead to more disastrous results on the length of the line.

To aid in this, says the company Security Research Labs released a tool called SnoopSnitch is available on the Google Play Store able to analyze the firmware in the phone to see the real device received the security updates installed or missing to find out if you really is safe.

To be clear, the companies manufacturing Android phones are not considered equal when it comes to the mother with security updates missing, it seems that the phones companies Google, Samsung and Sony tend on average to not to miss any patch, but the problem seem much bigger companies such as ZTE and TCL devices with claims that it has installed four security updates, or more than in reality.

Google responded by her on the report by saying “We would like to thank Karsten Nohl and Jakob Kell for their continued efforts to enhance the security system of the Android ecosystem, we’re working with them to improve detection mechanisms to their own account cases where the use of one of the devices to a security update replacement instead of a security update suggested by Google, and security updates one of the many layers used to protect Android devices and users, and protection is included in the system such as the sandbox mode in the app and security services such as Google Play Protect the same important, With help of these classes in the conclusions of the researchers that exploitation Remote for Android devices remains a challenge”.

In conclusion we can say after all, if you are able to regular Android devices to update their phones, the least they can do is to be honest with users about this fact.

Some manufacturers for Android phones lie on the users

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