Some Note 20 Ultra users are complaining about camera issues

A large number of owners of Note 20 Ultra phones complained that they found problems with the camera on the first day of purchase! These problems lie in the presence of voids and holes in the rear camera area, as well as what looks like petrified dust, and all these problems refer to errors in the phone assembly process, nothing more.

Samsung is currently reading these reports and has not yet acknowledged the existence of a problem, but a local spokesperson for the company in Korea stated that these defects may not be taken into account because they do not affect the effectiveness of the device! So far, we don't know if this is a general issue or not.

It is normal for any devices manufactured in large quantities to go through these problems, but the customers' acceptance of these problems is completely relative, and in general it may be difficult for users to accept any defect in a device at this price! What do you think? And do you intend to buy a Note 20 Ultra phone?

Source: SamMobile

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