Some of the computers 2018 MacBook Air suffers from a problem in the panel Logic Board

Apple launched the Model new within the brand MacBook Air last year, but it turns out that a small number of those units sold have a problem in the panel Logic Board.

According to a report from MacRumors, which obtained an internal document issued by Apple late in the evening on Friday, the “very small number” of units of the MacBook Air 2018 suffer from a problem in the panel Logic Board. I sent Apple a notice to its stores and service providers certified by Apple to inform them of the project hardware.

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If you have bought a computer 2018 MacBook Air, which has been determined by Apple that is suffering from this problem, then the company will send you an email to notify you that your device is qualified for replacement panel Logic Board for free.

At the time of publication, did not believe Apple any official announcements regarding the participation of board logic board, or fixes free. Although the original report sure of the source who presented the internal documents, it is likely that some of the staff of the Apple Store may not believe domestic politics.

Is not the nature of Apple’s quiet in this regard, extremely surprising, especially if the number of units affected is small already. However, if you have a MacBook Air 2018, it may be useful to check to see if it can repair your device.

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