Some of the dangers our smartphones

For a long time it was assumed that smartphones pose a danger to the human body because emit radiation. For this reason, many prefer to wear the device either in the pocket of your pants or inside pocket of a jacket or jacket, by allocating to him a little space in your bag or backpack. Over time, however, this fear gradually began to fade and absolutely correct, because all smartphones are pre-delivery inspection and receive a certificate of participation. But this does not mean that mobile devices still do not carry any danger.

Scientists at Western University in Sao Paulo found that modern smartphones can collect a variety of microorganisms, and even infection. Due to the fact that users take their devices not only clean, but also dirty hands, mobile devices become accumulators of pathogenic bacteria. But if you wash your hands for us – it’s business as usual, then subjected to the same procedure, the smartphones most of us are still not committed for fear of damaging them.

What is the danger of a smartphone

It is noteworthy that bacteria, which are deposited on the bodies of our smartphones have a high level of adhesion. This means that they are able to gain a firm foothold on the surface, which they managed to achieve. Thus, the simple wiping of the device on the pants or shirt will not be able to shake off the bacteria from the body, which in turn increases the risk of infection in subsequent contacts with the user’s face.

Despite the fact that most of the bacteria settle on the smart phones of doctors and healthcare workers from contact with patients, or otherwise at risk are even people far from the health professions. For example, if every day you go to work on the subway and pull out a smartphone from his pocket, not to be bored, be assured that one trip it accumulates a huge amount of bacteria that can cause a variety of diseases from allergies to meningitis.

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