Some of the departments is Apple and any specialists she needs

Apple employs more than 20 thousand people, each busy with their own business. For example, among employees there is at least one employee who improves the map service Apple Maps, walking the city streets with a huge backpackequipped with cameras and sensors. The company is always open to new professionals, so to attract their attention has updated the section with vacancies. For ordinary people the page is interesting because it gives a better idea of the structure of the company.

From the new page is clear in any specialists needed by the company. Employees spread across nine different categories, depending on the scope of the work:

  • hardware;
  • software and services;
  • design;
  • supply chain;
  • marketing;
  • corporate functions;
  • sales and business development;
  • retail trade;
  • support and service.

The company also has updated the section of search of work, making the design more minimalist. In the section “About Apple” outlines the advantages of working for the firm in August of 2018, we are already told what bonuses and incentives to get staff. In the section “Students” learn about the new opportunities for interns.

In addition to updating the design of the sections and filling new content, the company has published two videos on the work in the company. In the first video you can see that many people work on standing — Tim cook sure is good for the health of employees. It is noteworthy that in the company there are the seats — everyone is free to choose what it is convenient.

The second video talks about a girl named Divya (Divya), who heads the Department for the development of sensors for the Apple Watch.

The company claims that it has created over 2 million jobs in the United States. In particular, we are talking about work in the Apple Store.

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