Some of the keys to Google Titan is not safe enough

Google Titan

In the past year, the company Google launched security key Google Titan. And for those who are not familiar with this key, it is a USB key helps users to confirm their identity while linking it with computers of their own, and you can think in that key that does the same role of a sensor fingerprint in the smart phones. The idea of creating open Google Titan is that by connecting it with your computer, you never need to enter your password.

Already Google that boasted a manner that allowed the Security Key Google Titan employees in the company to avoid attacks fraudulent, but it seems that some of the keys to Google Titan is not safe to the extent required. In a post on the Google Code Security, announced the company Google it is going to retrieve some keys Google Titan to replace them for customers who have purchased.

Due to the presence of vulnerability Bluetooth which theoretically allow a hacker to connect to the device. However, before you freaked out, you should take into account that some of the keys to Google Titan only are affected by this. As the company refers to Google, the attack, which targeted keys Google Titan are affected by the interests of the Bluetooth is not easy and would require to be a hacker in the same room that you are in and within 30 feet of the device.

Will need to attack also to follow a series of events in close coordination to succeed in its mission, which means that it is not easy to exploit this security flaw. However, still the keys to Google Titan come back in the end, as we have said, Will Google send keys to Google Titan alternative for those who have been affected. To find out whether open Google Titan your suffering from cell above-mentioned and whether it is eligible to replace him, and he moved up to blog Google.

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