Some of the staff of Snapchat had been ill-using shopping on the users


The problem in the services available through the internet is that your data be at the mercy of the company which moving in service. In the raid, presumably a lot of safeguards to prevent access to our personal data, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to a recent report from the site of the Motherboard, it turns out that some of the staff of the Snapchat may have abused the use of their homes to spy on users.

Allegedly the report which cites to former employees as a source, that many of the staff of the Snapchat abused the use of their powers a few years ago. According to the report, I have Snapchat some internal tools that allow employees access to user information, such as his position, and posts the saved, and other other personal information.

One of the tools that have been developed called SnapLion, a tool that allows the purchase of Snap Inc access to users ‘ information in case of receiving a request from one of the courts, institutions and other legal. This is logical because we are sure that a lot of other companies have their own ways to reach the users ‘ information in such cases, but in this case, the report alleges that some employees abused the use of this tool.

In a statement to website Motherboard, the firm Snap Inc, said : ” the protection of privacy is of paramount importance in the company Snap. We need a little bit of user data, and we have policies and strong controls to limit internal access to existing data we have. No unauthorized access of any kind a violation of the clear standards of the company, in the case of discovery of any staff member says so, it will lead to immediate expulsion “.

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