Some phones Pixel 3A come from shutting down randomly

بعض هواتف بيكسل 3A تعاني من إيقاف تشغيل بشكل عشوائي

It’s only two weeks to launch phones Google new Pixel 3A even reported many of the collectors about the collapse of the notice systems of their devices leads to shutdown randomly without any reason, where he said many of them are cross-platform networking as Reddit and the community support of Google itself, they also suffer if they restart the phones after this process which does not succeed in some cases and the problem continues.

According to Engadget it did not know the reason behind this problem that hit directly my phone pixels 3A and peck chains 3A XL where it is not limited to the telecommunications company given in the time that the phones that I encountered the problem was the distributor, which is due to that the problem stemmed from the apartments of the software company Google itself.

And this is the first time that the Google of similar problems in its phones where the mining, in some cases, the stage updates to solve the problem is to raise the issues by the owner of the phone against the company, as the owner of my phones Pix 3 encountered problem in keeping their images after capture through the camera following the shooting the police on her mobile phone a short time last year; forcing them to hold the updates and then resolve the problem.

But the problem of the stop junk this may not be the same level and possibly expose the company to claims of owners of phones that you choose the problem if it persists and solved via specific updates.

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