Some Samsung phones Galaxy S 9 suffers from a problem in the screen!

Some phones Galaxy S 9 and s-9 plus have a problem in the screen not responding to touch in some areas, according to the complaints of several users on the official Samsung product and product Reddit.

بعض هواتف سامسونج جالكسي إس 9 تعاني من مشكلة في الشاشة!

Some Samsung phones Galaxy S 9 suffers from a problem in the screen!

According to users, the problem is confined to certain areas in the screen and discovered it by accident when using the keyboard or when you play certain games where the screen stop responding to touch in these areas while operating normally in the rest of the screen.

The problem becomes even more irritating when you re-use some of the buttons in the keyboard or be present in a vital place such as the Office of the special notices.

There are some solutions which used by users such as increased screen sensitivity to touch or move your icons or enlarge the keyboard to avoid areas that do not respond to touch, but all these solutions are temporary and do not solve the root of the problem.

Samsung officially admitted the existence of that problem in some phones and said they are communicating with the affected users and check into it, and invited any user facing the problem to communicate with technical support or customer service to resolve it.

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