Some stores started cancelling all pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold


After the technical problems suffered by some of the primary units of the Galaxy Fold, the company decided to Samsung recovery all units sent to reviewers and promised to also make changes to improve the durability of the machine. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember Samsung when are you going to re-launch the improved version of the Galaxy Fold, but it seems that won’t happen in the near future.

In a publication on the middle of Best Buy, announced that the store that it will cancel all pre-orders on the Galaxy Fold. According to the follow-up Best Buy, it has stated by saying : ” these obstacles to lead Samsung to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung offers a new date for the launch. Because we put our customers first and we want to make sure to care for them the best way possible, I have decided to Best Buy to cancel all pre-orders of the current Galaxy Fold “.

Now, this does not mean that the store Best Buy won’t sell the phone Galaxy Fold again. We believe that when you select Samsung a new date for launch, you’ll start the App Store again to receive applications on the device again, but at the same time, those who submitted their applications prior to get the Galaxy Fold to store, Best Buy will need to restart the whole process again.

In the meantime, the Face Shop Best Buy customers towards your page phone Galaxy Fold where they can leave their email address to notify them when the phone becomes available again.


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