Some users of MacBook Pro 16 inch complain about the inconvenience of the heavens

Apple launched the new version of the laptop MacBook Pro size 16 inch in the last month with several improvements, including the restoration of the traditional keyboard. However, couldn’t the company providing the device without problems, so monitoring some users have a problem with the earphones.

Complained some users that the heavens and the sound is annoying, there are lots of reports in support forums of the company and also on social networks. In most cases, users can hear the sounds of “cracking” when you play a season or video on the computer, while the other says he can hear the noises more clearly with system sounds such as notifications.

Participated some of the users some possible solutions online, but they don’t work for everyone, where some believe that the problem is in the device itself, not in the operating system. In both cases, I didn’t know Apple about the problem until now.

If the problem is linked to, it is likely to be resolved soon launch a new version of the operating system. If the problem was in the device itself, you will have Apple again to replace many users ‘ computers.

Have you encountered such a problem in your MacBook Pro 16 inch? We participated in the comments.

Source: AppleInsider

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