Some users of the MacBook Pro 2018 suffer from crackling speakers

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Computers MacBook Pro 2018 new supplier terms Touch Bar is not cheap at all, but for the price you pay you get a certain level of quality, right? Well, unfortunately some of the features of MacBook Pro 2018, it does not seem so because there are some reports of these kings who suffer from crackling in the speakers built into their laptops.

According to reports, it does not seem that this problem is limited to certain models, they affect to copy the two 13-inch and 15-inch both. It is not clear what is the reason for this problem, where some users are facing this problem while running the songs through iTunes, while others say that it is happening while using GarageBand, or during playback of a video clip on YouTube.

Some also claim that this noise appears while using Windows via Boot Camp. However, combining all these factors together, it is creating a lot of variables that may make the task of identifying the problem is a little tricky. Has been suggested by some that this problem is not related to software because one of the users at least explained that the latest version of system MacOS Mojave succeeded in fixing this problem, but has not been confirmed yet.

We’re not sure if this problem is wide spread or not, so it is unclear whether this requires the retrieval of the affected units from the customer or whether the updated software simple able to solve the problem. In both cases, we will continue to watch the situation to learn more about this problem, hope to get some answers from Apple soon.



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