Some ways to take notes quickly

There is no doubt that iOS now provides some tools necessary to accomplish some tasks quickly, some of which can be accessed from the Control Center as is public knowledge, including what can be accessed in other ways. Increased benefit with the iOS update 12 especially the feature tests Siri. And still also this system some of the tools required that are difficult to provided this is because his environment is closed that does not provide motion such as provided by Android. However there are a lot of ways to improve the experience of using the iOS system are disclosed.

In this article we will mention several ways through which you can create a note quickly before they can be published and its because of the multiple steps that you perform in the application notes and even write down your feedback, and so take full advantage of your phone. Proceed with us.

Without your feedback quickly from anywhere

You can jot a note instant after you enable the shortcut to the application note in the Control Center. This through the Settings – Control Center – Customize the controls – then add the component notes.

Often instant once you click on this shortcut from the Control Center, go to Settings – Notes – access the notes from the lock screen:

Then choose Create a new Note always.

So you can jot down a note very quickly by clicking just once on the shortcut in the control screen.

If you want to view the same observation every time “like if you keep a list of items that you don’t want to forget about it” choose to resume the last remark. You’ll see some options for the holidays prefer to leave it as it is. But the best option is to first ” create a new Note always” this is important to maintain privacy.

Application Drafts 5

Application Drafts 5 you can use it to jot down ideas, notes and tasks, or even email messages. Once you open the app you can start writing immediately. The app also offers a set of plugins and tools that make it easy to send text to related applications and compatible. You can explore the features of the app yourself during use.

And to get fast to take notes on this app you only have to add the widget.

Drafts 5: Capture ‣‣ Act



Agile Tortoise

Size53.4 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Cheatsheet Widget

The application is designed Cheatsheet to be used in the codification of a little bit of information that you don’t want recorded in the application note basic. And be more useful in remembering the Times of particular dates e.g. cars, planes or figures, etc. After enable the widget for your application, click on the + button to create a new note. And immediately begin to codify your feedback.

Cheatsheet Widget



Christopher Adam Overholtzer

Size64.8 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


Record your notes using Siri

Of the fastest ways to take notes is to use Siri. You can ask Siri to set up a new note, or even a new note on behalf of specific, or update an existing note.

For example, say, Siri or press the extended button home for example say “create a note titled Travel in addition don’t forget to buy a ticket” will Siri instantly create that note and what I said.

Also you can ask Siri to display the note you write it all down recently, or view the note by its title, or the observations You Made in the previous week.

Tests Siri

Go to Settings – Siri and – all the shortcuts – then the Notes section – click to see the floor – now you can set up a test Siri to open any note in the Notes application. Just log any phrase or word you say to Siri to open the note and immediately involved.

If you want to open the note you use frequently such as a shopping list or something directly from the lock screen! The fastest way to do this is to use application shortcuts and provide a tool to do that. You can obtained by the following steps:

◉ Application installed, the Shortcuts once you open it click on the + sign at the top of the screen to create a new test.

◉ Click on the box “search” and then choose the application notes or any special application notes example applications that we have mentioned above. I would choose the application notes the basic.

◉ Choose a note that you want or that you between now and then, or even create a new note. Once you choose the note on click “Done”.

◉ Once you have finished and enable the widgets application shortcuts and you can play that note from a widget at the moment.

You can choose from between those steps what fits your needs. Remember that the system iOS system-detectable over time, where it’s full of features to help productivity and experience the best. For example, prolonged pressure on the spacebar button on the keyboard to move the typing indicator, quickly. Or use the Messages application as a wireless!

Did you know that the highway to jot down notes? If you know another way let us know in the comments.



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