Something strange is happening with a black hole in the center of the milky Way

It is no secret that black holes — the most mysterious objects in the Universe. But what are they? Speaking in plain language, black holes are objects with extreme density. Because of their weight, they have a strong gravitational pull. It is so strong that even light gets trapped when passing by a black hole. Once inside, he could get out he can not. Questions about the nature of black holes — the mass. And recently they became even more — according to scientists, the black hole at the center of the milky Way lately is behaving oddly.

What is the event horizon?

For 20 years scientists staring a black hole in the center of our galaxy. Note that technically, a black hole as such no one, of course, does not see. Scientists learn about the presence of a black hole due to the strong distortion of space that occurs due to the gravitational field of this massive object.

All the celestial bodies in the immediate vicinity of the black hole fall into the so-called event horizon is a kind of “shell” of a black hole, or simply a place in space where can not escape the light.

By the way, the event horizon “photographed” scientists in April 2019. We write the word photographed in quotes because this is not a photograph in the usual sense. The image was obtained thanks to the data collected of the eight telescopes Event Horizon Telescope, which are located in different continents of the Earth. After all the data from the telescopes were obtained, they were processed on a supercomputer for two years. However, the most important thing is that to obtain a snapshot of a black hole, the existence of these massive objects was considered hypothetical. Now we know that black holes are real.

In General, the fact that the center of every galaxy is a black hole of awesome. To discuss this in our Telegram chat.

What happens in the center of the milky Way?

Galaxy Milky Way

The black hole in the center of the milky Way is in the constellation of Sagittarius A. this region see a variety of telescopes, including Spitzer and Chandra. Studying matter close to a black hole in may of this year, scientists noticed that it is more active than usual — its event horizon becomes brighter. Scientists say that a black hole in the constellation Sagittarius And is a pretty quiet unit but according to new data the situation has changed.

May 13, astronomers saw a relatively low reduced brightness, suggesting that the black hole was unknown peak, which was even brighter. According to information received, the recent outbreak has led to the fact that the event horizon of a black hole is brighter in two times. Note that a similar phenomenon scientists are watching for the first time.

Russian telescope ART-XC

According to the researchers, the unusual behavior of a black hole could be caused by a close passage of a star called S0-2 in 2018 or object called G2 in 2014. Monitor changed brightness of the event horizon of a black hole in the constellation Sagittarius And will be continued. To study the black hole at the center of our galaxy, recently joined the ART-XC — a new Russian space telescope, launched about a month ago.

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