Sony achieved the best financial year in its history thanks to the PlayStation

Sony Company

Made Sony its financial report for the year which ended in March 2019, the company announced the best financial results achieved in its history, the company has succeeded in achieving nearly 8 million of operating profit, and are higher than last year by 22%, thanks to the Games section and the network which includes the business console, which achieved $ 2.8 million of such earnings for the first time in its history and increased by 34%. Not only that, but the profits of the places before this last year had to compensate all the losses caused by the PlayStation company’s third, which arrived about 3.5 million. Profitability full plates since its release exceed $ 6.5 million. Note that the Games section in 2013 out financial loss amounted to $ 188 million.

And has made all sections of the company’s positive financial results with the exception of the Department of intelligent devices and communications and who’s out financial loss from New were compensated by the profitability of the rest of the sections, and was the music department’s second-best mark performance in the company.


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