Sony acknowledge: play cloud is a real threat on home appliances

Playstation 4 pro

In the last twenty years the control of the three companies on the gaming world with an iron fist: Sony for interactive, new, in addition to Microsoft. Well, it seems that nothing stays the same forever, and things may change in the near future with the advent of modern technology, is cloud technology. Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and other moving to break into the gaming market differently than the previous.

What raises concerns for companies that manufacture machines is that requires play cloud with communication technology to score the players to give up almost fully of a household appliance, and to become the gaming world is based entirely on models of Service and contributions, does it?

Through the last meeting of Sony Corporation, the president approved the company’s financial Hiroki Totoki that cloud technology poses a real threat to home appliances and business, and though the focus of Sony will be focused on gear in the near future, as they don’t expect to get this transition in a day and a night, and see that it will take time.

We would like to point out that Sony own the platform a private cloud already for video games, and is PlayStation Now.

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