Sony allows PS4 Remote Play for all Android phones

Allowed the Japanese company Sony finally feature PS4 Remote Play for smartphones operating system Android, where the app has become available through the store Google Play.

Sony has tried previously to take advantage of the gaming system environment own by giving her phone to Xperia Z3 this exclusive feature.

As suggests the name, the PS4 Remote Play allows for some Sony phones smart connected console PlayStation 4 and play on the phones, and kept this feature exclusive for Sony for years, but the company realized finally that it’s better to ask all Android users.

Take advantage of this feature, it should be operating system Android 5 at least and having a gaming device PlayStation 4 system, 7.00, and the player can also use a wireless controller DualShock 4 via Bluetooth for remote operation, but Sony remember, you’ll need to Android system 10 to use this feature.

At the same time, for users of the iPhone and iPad, has been updated to apply remote play so you can now view the console at all times and lock the screen orientation.

Source: Sony

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